Customer Support Agent (Patient Support)

Job description

Who we are:

We are a dynamic, multicultural and mission-driven healthcare social enterprise, located in the heart of Amsterdam. We help patients gain access to the latest medicines for f.e. oncological and neurological diseases that have been approved in another country but are not yet available in their own country.

Patients find these medicines via our website and contact us to organize the purchasing, importing and shipping with the help of our team.

Job Purpose:

As a Customer Support Agent, you will be part of our first line support team working directly with patients and relatives of patients to help them understand our service, on board with the right paperwork and place orders.

You will be dealing on a daily basis with patients, who have life-threatening and/or debilitating conditions. The ability to be resilient and consistent in your approach, while at the same time ensuring that empathy provided to the patient is very important.


Critical Results

  • Time-to-value across the customer support portion (Request -> Onboarding -> Order -> Payment -> Delivery)
  • Overall patient satisfaction
  • Continuously optimizing and driving quality delivery of the processes you are driving day to day and taking ownership of each patient’s problems


Job requirements

Onboarding & First line support (70%)

  • Dealing with escalations from the support team and activating the other parts of the business as required to deliver time to value metrics
  • Being hands-on yourself up until you have grown a bigger team, but you’ll always keep this pragmatic approach.
  • Answer questions and solve customer enquiries

Relationship management​ (15%)

  • Use all customer feedback to optimize insights on FAQ, on the product, user experience, etc to support product improvement in the Growth Team
  • Work with Engineering, Growth and Management to get to the most efficient implementations

Administration and communication​ (15%)

  • Keep Zendesk and our CRM up to date with customer interactions
  • Continuously revisit the implementation flow and customer journey to ensure we have the most efficient process in place for our customers

Knowledge, Skills & Experience

  • No prior work experience required. The role is open for graduates
  • Bachelor or Master degree
  • 1+ Years experience at a high level
  • Customer focussed
  • Hands-on approach
  • Resilient and consistent
  • Sociable and empathetic
  • Proactive and high in energy
  • Determined to be successful


A pharmaceutical background or experience with supporting patients in a Health or MedTech startup will make you a stronger candidate.

We support 85 Countries so any other language abilities are a bonus.

Healthcare Customer Success experience.